A bright sunny day and a whole lot of new faces and horses joined us for our July Show Jumping Training Show here at Inanda Country Base on the 27th of July 2019.

The day started with pole on the ground – a great confidence booster for young horses and riders for their very first show with each rider walking away with a clear round rosette.  From there many chose to do another round of 50’s as their confidence boosted with the atmosphere set by a great group of riders and spectators.  As the jumps got bigger – so did the class, many enjoying a second round or moving up to the next height as they felt confident to challenge their own abilities and encourage the horses with positive motivation we thrive for.  The height ended at 1m with dedicated riders making great effort to complete the course with little to no faults – it was a tough course but it was ridden beautifully with great enthusiasm – It was clear that riders were pleased with their horses performance and all went home with wide smiles.

We would like to thank al the officials who kindly offered their time to support riders and help making the show a success!

To view more photos, please visit our Inanda Country Base Facebook page.

We will be hosting another training show SOON – so watch this space for details and entry forms!

Well done, once again to all the brave riders for keeping on trying and working so hard towards your goals, ICB is always happy to help motivate you and your horse!