Making your ICB experience a good one

All clubs, no matter their target market, have various rules and regulations and we are no different. We do however, like to believe that we are more relaxed than many, and our priority is simply that we wish for our members and fur children to be happy and safe.

A few (but certainly not limited to….) common sense considerations:

  • Let’s start with the most important… once finished riding, ensure that your horse is un-tacked and comfortable, or at least in the care of a groom, before rushing off to the pub!
  • A regulated hard hat and correct riding boots are compulsory when riding.
  • Should you wish to leave the property and make use of someone else’s, ensure that you have obtain permission first.
  • Always greet and thank landowners if they are present when you are riding on their land.
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Treat any livestock with care and respect and do not gallop past cows, horses or sheep.
  • Do not take your dogs onto other people’s land.
  • Move to one side to allow people on foot right of way.
  • If a rider is dismounted, for whatever reason, make sure at least one person has stayed with him/her until he/she has remounted.
  • Unless you are making use of the designated gallop track, do not gallop or canter past anyone leading a horse.
  • Always have consideration for other riders who may be less experienced.
  • Before setting off for a jump, make sure that you will not be ‘riding off’ someone else who is about to jump the same obstacle.
  • If you are having problems at a jump, get out of the way quickly – someone else may be already approaching the jump or waiting to do so.

Upcoming Events

all-day Combined Training Show – 16 & 17... @ Inanda Country Base
Combined Training Show – 16 & 17... @ Inanda Country Base
Mar 16 – Mar 17 all-day
COMBINED TRAINING SHOW Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Open Day – if you were looking for variety – ICB has the perfect weekend planned for you!   Dressage & Show Jumping – Saturday 16th March[...]
all-day ICB 90’s Champs @ Inanda Country Base
ICB 90’s Champs @ Inanda Country Base
Mar 30 – Mar 31 all-day
One of our favorite annual Eventing shows affiliated with ESA and SAEF. A great competition for Eventers with unique courses to challenge riders. Starting at 60cm, this 3 phase Eventing Competition is not only a[...]

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