Making the best of ICB;

The following are guidelines to ensure that you have the best experience at Inanda Country Base:

  • Let’s start with the most important – Safety always comes first! A regulated hard hat and correct riding boots are compulsory when riding at ICB.
  • Please do not ride on the Polocrosse Field, The Bowl (below the Clubhouse) or the Grass Show Jumping arena.
  • When Cross Country jumps are being prepared for shows, please avoid riding on the tracks and NEVER jump flagged jumps!
  • When coming to ride at ICB as a visitor, contact management to confirm availability.
  • Please ensure to close gates behind you if they were closed.  If entering through a locked gate, please make sure locks are closed properly.
  • All visitors who enter through the North gate on Bridle Pass during weekends MUST sign in with security and provide a membership card, ticket or POP.
  • Dogs are not allowed to accompany visiting riders. If members are on foot, they may bring their dogs in providing that they are  under strict control and are not a nuisance to others – especially around the stable yard and the Clubhouse – Please don’t bring any dogs while a Hunt or Event is going on.  Never take your dogs near the kennels.
  • If a rider is dismounted – for whatever reason; make sure at least one person has stayed with him/her until he/she has remounted and is able to continue safely.
  • Do not gallop or canter past anyone riding at a slower pace or leading a horse on foot.
  • Always have consideration for other riders who may be less experienced or may be dealing with an inexperienced horse.
  • When jumping fences, be considerate of other riders who may be schooling.
  • Jumping  out in the country is not preferable, always try to have someone watching you.
  • Please report any broken fences and report and mark any holes.
  • Use of ICB sand arenas are for ICB baiters only – riders making use of these arenas are expected to follow considerate arena etiquette.
  • Always ensure to have a phone available in case of emergencies – call ICB management for assistance (Especially when hacking out alone)

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