A beautiful atmosphere on a beautiful sunny day at the Inanda Country Base Training Dressage Show!

The day was filled with smiles, great food, and lively music. The riders and horses were quiet and relaxed throughout the day, giving the young horses a great experience from the start!  Not to mention the beautiful turn-out and dress-up – all of the riders and horses were looking fabulous!

It is so beautiful to watch the trusting bond grow stronger after every successful moment, and the satifaction in the horse’s eyes when the test is completed and the rider show the gratitude they deserve.  We have also observed the horses and riders improve as they return to each show and it is clear how much dedication goes into understanding eachother within an amazing partnership.

At ICB we strive not only to give riders the opportunity to improve the confidence and ability of horse and rider, but also to give each visitor a lovely day out with friends and family – we enjoy having each and every one of you here and look forward to seeing more of you here with us!

Our next show is looking just as promising and we are very excited have you join us.


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